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We are glad to announce that at season 2014 our team will take participation in 2 drift championships EEDC (Eastern European drift championship) and RDS (Russian drift series).

At EEDC we have agreement to drive under "Prestigio/Kumho" team colours. Team consists of two drivers, Kristaps Bluss and Pawel Trela. Pilots cars remain the same as last year, its Kristaps BMW E46 "Croco" and Pawel's Opel GT "May Bag". Both cars debuted at season 2013 and demonstrated how competetive and fast they can be. During offseason all the small gaps are eliminated to show their best performance. Within EEDC we have 6 races in Latvia, Belarus, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland and Czech.

At RDS agreement is signed with well known Russian drift team "Evel Empire", were our team members are Sergey Kabargin and Gvido Elksnis. We havent race at Russia for past 2 years therefor it promises to be exciting season. Here without no doubt our goals are the highest also. In RDS will be 6 races in 5 different race tracks. 

As well thanks to Mick from Energy Corse IT for support and Lucky Design for painting Kristaps helmet and ROTA wheels UK for new rims, what is the part of our new design for 2014.

Neverless we thank you our existing partners for their support: APE Motors, Motul, Wisefab, Failcrew, DC Shoes Latvia, Tengtools, CARTEK Automotive Electronics.

We appriciate our sponsors for givving us this opportunity and promise to do our best to achieve the highest goals!!!



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